We provide wide-ranging products and services for water treatment purposes.

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With the expertise of its skilled technicians and consultants, Tirtanusa utilises only the highest-quality chemicals for its maintenance services. Our comprehensive monitoring processes ensures the best and most enduring solutions and services.

Our wide-ranging services include the removal of dissolved and suspended organic matter from waste-waters, as well as other waste-water components including suspended solids, nitrogen, phosphorus, and heavy metals; service maintenance for heat exchanger tubes and boiler; descaling with chemicals; non-acid formulation for all kind aluminium coil maintenance; drain kitchen solutions; swimming pool maintenance and disinfection, and various other services as below.

list of our services

  • Designing and building Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Designing and building Recycled Water Treatment Plants
  • Cooling water treatment maintenance
  • Chiller water treatment maintenance
  • Air conditioning treatment maintenance
  • Water softening
  • Descaling treatment maintenance (with chemical)
  • Mechanical cleaning
  • Drain kitchen maintenance
  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • Water analysis laboratory
Designing and building Wastewater Treatment Plants +

Biological treatment processes are primarily designed for the removal of dissolved and suspended organic matter from wastewater. The environmental conditions are optimized to encourage the growth of the microorganisms that utilizes organic compounds as substrate.

Biological wastewater treatment will also remove other wastewater components, including suspended solids, nitrogen, phosphorus, and heavy metals. In general, biological treatment is the most efficient and economic way of removing organic pollution from wastewater.

We will help you design a new system or upgrade your current system to improve your plants’ longevity. This will include ensuring the safe disposal of wastewater to a local disposal area or drain system.

Designing and building Recycled Water Treatment Plants +

Further treatment of wastewater to obtain higher water quality is necessary. Water produce from a recycled water treatment plant can also be used applied industrial usage such as on heating or cooling systems. Besides industrial usage, this water produce can also be used for domestic purposes such as watering plants and toilet flushing.

We will help you design a new system or upgrade your current one to produce higher-quality water, as well as to save water and money spent on using clean water from PDAM.

Cooling water treatment maintenance +

We offer a contract-based maintenance system to ensure your cooling water treatment is sustainable and able to achieve the maximum operating condition of cooling system. Good water maintenance equals long lasting machines.


Chiller water treatment maintenance +

We offer an initial cleaning system followed by a treatment for you chiller system. These treatments will ensure that the water circulating in your chiller are treated correctly to prevent corrosion in piping.

Air conditioning treatment maintenance +

We offer a contract-based maintenance service for your Air handling Unit (AHU), Fan Coil Unit (FCU), and Water-cooled packaged unit (WCPU). We will clean and maintain your air conditioning units and ensure that your system is operating on its maximum condition. Contact our experts for treatment maintenance strategies.

Water softening +

In many applications such cooling water and boiler feed water, the hardness of the water is an important aspect that needs to be maintained in order to prevent scaling.

Hardness is measured by the level of calcium and magnesium carbonate in the water. It is generally measured as total hardness.

Softeners are specific ion exchangers which are designed to remove ions with a multiple-positive charge. Water softener units are then automatically regenerated with salt. 

Tirtanusa offers water softeners and other related equipments needed for various industrial applications.

For service, repairs, or requests for water-softener parts or hard-water test kits, please contact us.

Descaling treatment maintenance (with chemical) +

We offer descaling exchanger units with chemicals by request from clients. We utilise safe concentration of chemicals for cleaning. Consultation with our engineers is recommended prior to application.

Mechanical cleaning +

We offer regular mechanical cleaning as a part of our service maintenance for heat exchanger units. Regular mechanical cleaning will minimize the need for descaling. We utilize standard-safety equipment to ensure your equipment’s longetivity.

Drain kitchen maintenance +

We offer treatment strategies for regular cleaning of drain kitchens to eliminate drain blocking and bad odor. This includes dosing for chemicals or modifying current drain piping for maximum results. Please contact our expert to survey your drain’s condition.

Swimming pool maintenance +

We offer treatment for swimming pools on residential properties and commercial buildings such as hotels, resorts, apartments, and condominiums. We will conduct a disinfection process and ensure the acceptable level of chlorine concentration of 0.4 – 1 ppm free chlorine in your pool.

Water analysis laboratory +

We offer laboratory analysis for water quality purposes. Analysis covers pH, total level of dissolved solid, conductivity, iron, silica, hardness, phosphate, chloride, etc. We will conduct these analysis with a water sample and swiftly provide a report of the results.

benefits customers

  1. Lower operating cost
  2. Improved reliability
  3. Lower waste and disposal cost
  4. Better environmental compliance
  5. Increase process efficiency