Tirtanusa's products are designed for the highest quality water treatment needs

Details on our esteemed products

Tirtanusa’s products are designed to provide the best water treatment solution for various types of process and application – from conventional to advanced, as well as domestic to industrial plants. We also provide a wide selection of technological equipments and chemicals guaranteed to ensure the most cost-efficient solutions for our clients’ water treatment needs.

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list of our products

  • Wastewater Treatment Process
  • Water Treatment Application
  • Cooling Tower Maintenance
  • Chiller Water System Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Treatment Maintenance
  • Boiler Water Treatment Maintenance
  • Drain System Maintenance
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance
  • R.O. Membrane Treatment
  • Laboratory
Wastewater Treatment Process +

We offer a series of specially-produced chemicals for pre-treatment processes such as disinfection, coagulation, and flocculation. We also supply bacterias and enzymes for biological treatments for your WWT (wastewater treatment) needs. Furthermore, we provide pH adjustment chemicals to ensure that the pH application process is safe for disposal or for further use.

Please contact our specialized engineers to determine the required dosing needs for your specific system and chemical needs to improve your system.

Water Treatment Application +

We offer additional handling of your wastewater treatment system to achieve higher water-quality through a variety of methods such as a filtration unit as well as sand and carbon filter. If required, we could supply a filter media for those filters as a part of our continuous customer service.

We also provide membrane units such as UF , MF and RO modules. Depending on your water quality requirement; we will find the most suitable treatment to your needs. Please feel free to contact our engineers for a more thorough consultation.

Cooling Tower Maintenance +

We offer a series of cooling tower chemicals for needs including corrosion inhibitors, bacterias, algae, and fungi inhibitors. These chemicals are specially-formulated to be safe when circulated inside your system. Our engineer will help with calculating your dosing needs in accordance with your cooling tower capacity.

Chiller Water System Maintenance +

We offer chemicals that will help to maintain your machine from corrosion and to maintain a safe operation of the chiller water. Please contact our engineer for assistance and to decide the dosing requirement needs for your particular system.

Air Conditioning Treatment Maintenance +

We use a specially-made chemicals to clean air-conditioning units. These chemicals is aluminium- and -environmentally safe.

Boiler Water Treatment Maintenance +

We offer specially-formulated chemicals for boiler passivation, corrosion inhibitor, and pH adjustments. Contact our engineers for further information to meet your specific needs.

Drain System Maintenance +

We offer a selection of drain kitchen solutions for clean, non-blocked drain lines and grease traps. We are able to create solution to whatever specific needs you may have – whether you prefer a daily, weekly or monthly basis application. Our engineers will be happy to assist you.

Recommended use in kitchens in restaurants, factory, hospitals, hotels, and shopping malls. 

Swimming Pool Maintenance +

We offer chlorination processes with our formulated chemicals to ensure your pool is clear of bacteria and algae – ensuring it is safe to swim in. Contact our experts to assist in the dosing process for a secure application process.

R.O. Membrane Treatment +

We offer specially-formulated chemicals for RO membrane treatments that has been carefully- designed to not damage the membranes.

Laboratory +

We provide small-scale laboratory supplies such as pH meter, pH strips, TDS meter, Conductivity meter, various range of test kits to measure levels of hardness, chloride, sulfate, phosphate, silica, iron, etc.